Credit Unions

The Universa Suite software offers a complete retail credit union solution and has user-friendly, rich functionality that includes chequing and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, term deposits management, financial transactions, government reporting, ATM/POS switch interfaces for debit/credit or loyalty products, Equifax and Trans Union credit bureau interfaces, registered investment products and more.

The Universa core is accessible for branch transactions, online or on mobile devices for self-service.


Our products have been well-developed to manage the sophisticated financial transactions applied in banks. We help you to manage all the transactional data efficiently and provide you with in-depth analysis of data.

We have state-of-the-art systems to handle the processes of customer service, marketing, and operations, providing far-reaching insight into data collected. As a result, banks can market target-specific and customer-centric products to garner opportunities for increased market revenue.

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Corporate Services

Our systems also cater to the needs of non-financial institutions in such areas as increasing revenues, reduction of operational cost and improvement of relationships with banking institutions. Our systems offer world-class data monitoring, processing, storage and analysis, all areas which are essential for the survival of corporate entities in today's shifting financial environments.

The fully integrated systems are ideal for managing and monitoring all relationships within your organization and at the same time provide you with tools to assess trends across the financial spectrum.

International Institutions

Smart Solution is well equipped to manage global transactions for your organization. We provide our international clients with customized systems that are in compliance with regional laws and regulations.

Our systems are customer-centric with key emphasis on client relationships, product demands, market compliance and data analysis. Smart Solution's systems designed for the international client will help you gain the necessary competitive edge.