By working very closely with its clients, Smart Solution endeavours to provide its clients with the most appropriate solution to meet their business needs.

Certified Business Analysts and Project Managers are ready to advise clients on such matters as IT strategy and the hardware required to support it, how our Universa software can improve your organization's productivity and bottom line, and, why partnering with Smart Solution can aid you in realising your goals. Over 35 years of experience in the field allow us to assist you in planning for the future and to weigh your existing operations versus the competitive edge in the marketplace today.

Research & Development

Smart Solution is constantly monitoring the latest trends, advancements and innovations in the financial services sector in order to remain at the forefront of industry practises. Our R&D teams continuously seek to put these advancements and innovations into practise by reviewing our current software to see where revisions and updates need to be made.

Tied in closely with our consulting services, our research and development activities are tailored to or customers' existing as well as future requirements.


Working in continual partnership both with our existing and with our new clients, Smart Solution orchestrates all implementations to very exacting and clearly defined standards. Whether these implementations are for new customer systems, for conversions from one operating and support platform to another or for the additions of new modules or upgrades to existing banking platforms, a stringent set of controls and protocols is followed to assure that everything runs smoothly and worry-free.

Data migration and integration are monitored closely to ensure that nothing goes astray and if customization of one of our operating or support modules is required to meet a client's needs, it is developed on an ad hoc basis.


The keystone of all new implementations is the training of the operating staff to handle adequately the flow and processing of data under the new systems platform. Smart Solution has a truly excellent and very seasoned training team in-house to accommodate all training needs and to provide your operating and support personnel with the comfort level required for continuity and top-notch customer service.

For platform conversions, training takes place pre-conversion (classroom prototype sessions), during conversion (on-site and ad hoc) and post-conversion (per email, telephone or one-on-one) as required. If written training manuals for specific software modules do not already exist, they are compiled and published as required.